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If you've been affected by Hurricane Sandy, we can help you recover thousands of dollars through manufacturer, utility and local government rebates. What's more, our expert research has shown that insurance policyholders are still eligible to receive rebates after they've been reimbursed by insurance.* So while you rebuild, we'll help you save money doing it.

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By finding rebates, connecting you with authorized contractors and handling the paperwork we make saving simple.

In NJ, NY and CT

Choose from more than 500 rebates covering appliances, heating, cooling, windows, doors, roofing, insulation and lighting.

BROOKLYN, NY has rebates totaling:


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Current Rebates

  • Lennox
  • Con Edison
  • Trane
  • National Grid
Orginization Rebate Amount
York — 2012 Fall Promotion $1,400
Lennox — Old vs. New $100
National Grid (Gas) — Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs (Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island) $1,000

Customer Story

  • Meet Vanna:

    She had to make an unexpected purchase of a new heat pump. She got an estimate from a trusted HVAC contractor, but still wondered if she was getting a good deal.*

  • What Did she do?

    Concerned about cost, Vanna registered with SaveBigBread. We looked for rebates that would bring down the cost, and selected three rebate-authorized contractors nearby.

    • $7,120.00

      Wilson & Sons
      Arlington, VA

    • $6,400.00

      United Home Repairs
      Vienna, VA

    • $5,300.00

      Dave's Plumbing & HVAC
      Falls Church, VA

  • Big Savings:

    SaveBigBread saved Vanna $1,100 through manufacturer rebates, a state rebate and contractor discounts. We even filled out all the paperwork so Vanna could rest easy knowing she got the best possible deal.

    Savings Breakdown

    First Estimate $6,400.00
    Winning Estimate $5,300.00
    Manufacturer Rebate -$500.00
    Virgina State Rebate -$300
    Contractor Discount -$300
    Total Savings $1,100.00
  • Others Agree:

    • “SaveBigBread saved us $2,100 and made what could have been a painful process manageable.”

      Barbara B.
      Falls Church, VA

    • “Getting an estimate on a energy efficient water heater. My next project will be my windows. I want to thank you for all your help!”

      Ignacia R.
      La Port, TX

    • SaveBigBread… saved my $750 rebate.

      Owen B.
      Falls Church, VA

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